Buy early, buy cheap

smickets become more expensive the closer we are to the party.

Login issues

If you have requested a new password and confirmed it after clicking the link in the email you receive and you still can't login, please remove the cookies for the smickets.com domain in your browser.

Try another browser.

At the entrance

You can show your entry key from the my tickets page, your confirmation mail or your sms.

You can come in at separate times with the Entry key provided. Eg if you bought two tickets and you come first and your friend later, that is possible.

No mail?

Most likely our mail ended up in your spam folder. But even if you can't find it there, no worries, you can also show your my tickets page (after logging in) or the sms you received at the entrance.

No sms?

Most likely we don't have the correct phone number. Often it's a matter of format eg +3232475111222 we see a lot. Go to the my profile page and correct it. No worries, you can show your my tickets page (after logging in) or the mail you received at the entrance.

Buying tickets from others? Sold out?

You can best check the comments on our Facebook event for people selling tickets.

There is people trying to sell fake tickets so we advice you request the seller to sell their tickets through smickets only. Do not send money to an account or through a credit card link. smickets offers this as a free service, we only add the card costs that we are charged. The buyer gets an email from smickets with instructions after the seller has submitted your email address. Only in this way:

  • you are sure that person has legitimate tickets
  • they only sell them one time
  • they do not sell them at a higher price than they bought them
  • we can give you support

It happens that the seller bought the tickets too long ago and we would no longer able to refund the tickets to the seller. The seller will be requested to fill in a form online. We can deal with it manually yet be aware that this process can take up to 2 days so this should not be done last minute as we don't have a 24/7 service. The seller could send you their Entry key yet you do not know if they sold it more than once.

Selling your ticket(s)

To promote your tickets, post on our Facebook event. Best mention you sell through smickets, as fake sellers don't do that. We will approve your comment after verification.

Selling your ticket on smickets.com is the safest way and you are able to split up your order and eg sell 1 ticket of the 3 you bought and keep your Entry Key secret. On the my tickets page you see a link "Sell My Tickets".

We do not allow selling tickets at a higher price as you bought them.

It happens that you bought the tickets too long ago and credit cards no longer allow a refund to you. Fill in the form that is shown. Be aware that this process can take up to 2 days so this should not be done last minute as we don't have a 24/7 service.

Tickets in PDF format? Selling on TicketSwap?

We only deliver tickets on email, sms and on the site itself

We advise to sell through smickets.com. It is free and secure. You can advertise your tickets on our Facebook event. As there is fake sellers, we do need to approve your comment.

Cards and so

smickets can be paid with Bancontact, Visa, Mastercard, Amex and PayPal. When selling a ticket it can only be paid with credit cards or Bancontact, for now we don't accept PayPal payments there.


As this is our own platform we keep costs to only what card companies charge us. No extra service fees blablabla.


When you subscribe, you will be added to our maillist for our parties (Los Ninos, FFORMATT, Les Bals, FingerSpitzenGefuhl, 3D.HD.404, Vicuna). At reception of our first newsletter you can easily unsubscribe. You can opt in (or not) to receive an sms reminder per party.


We do not refund (unless we cancel the party) yet you can promote your ticket sale on our Facebook event. Make sure you sell your tickets through smickets. When an artist cannot perform, we will update on our social media and our website as soon as we have the information and allow a time to request a refund. After that time it is no longer possible to ask a refund as we are not able to process the removal of your tickets.

Contact us




Priority: you pass the queue when we're hitting full capacity. Bear in mind that most parties are sold out or only work with smickets so there is no priority line for presales.

Cheaper: we start at a very low price and increase closer to the party date. Buy early, buy cheap.

Not in 1 go: if you order more than one ticket you can still come in separately.

Easy: you can't loose your tickets because you don't get any. You can check what you bought by visiting "my tickets".

Lazy: you get a free sms / text message sent with the entry key so that you just show that at the entrance.

Ecological: you don't need to print anything. Show your "my tickets" page, the confirmation email or sms at the entrance.

Give: you can order for someone else and give the entry key as a present.

Sell it on: if you can't make it (ooh), sell your entry key safely through smickets.

Cards: pay with Bancontact, PayPal and credit cards




Subscribe or if you already did, go to step 2.


Indicate the quantity you need.

Pay with PayPal, credit card or Bancontact.

You see your entry key on screen, receive a confirmation mail and an sms.


When do we launch the cheapest tickets? Join our WhatsApp or Telegram group.

No violence, hostility, sexism, racism, misogyny, slut shaming, transphobia, homophobia, body shaming, ableism, islamophobia, cultural appropriation, unwanted touching at our parties. If such event occurs the offender will be immediately removed.